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06/03/2020 12:10 pm  

This concerns a pop up for patrons to confirm the rental charge (like staff client) at checkout on the self check.  If a library has the SA setting set to allow charge for checkout via sip (BG does), the checkout will always succeed unless the patron is blocked for another reason with no pop up for the patron to confirm the charge.

What happens, is the 3rd party is only showing the prompt IF the checkout is rejected.  So, if the patron is not blocked, the charge will be automatically applied, with no prompt (due to the SA setting).  If the patron is blocked (e.g. They own too many fines), then the checkout is rejected, the 3rd party displays the prompt.  However, given that the patron is already blocked, it doesn’t matter if the patron responds in the affirmative for the charge, the checkout will be rejected. 

So, to correct this issue it would require a re-design of this feature, rejecting the current SA structure, and allowing the 3rd party to control whether or not the patron accepts the charge.

Below is a sample of the SIP being transmitted-

From Bibliotheca: In order for this feature to work, and based on the following information provided by Bibliotheca support staff on 3/4/20, the Rental Fee type needs to be changed.

The issue with the rental fee pop-up will need to be handled by your ILS Admin (there is no setting in Polaris to change SIP code). The Rental Fee type is being sent as type 01(other/unknown), instead of type 06 (Rental). The Rental Charge pop-up is only displayed for type 06 fees.

Attached is the SIP log for the Rental Charge item “On the Basis of Sex” (the BT field is where this rental fee is being transmitted as a 01 and not a 06):

2020-03-04 12:39:20,981 TRACE   [SIP] MessageFormatter - Parsing: 121NNN20200304    123920AO16|AA22209001017475|AB32209004248794|AJOn the basis of sex|AH03/07/2020 23:59:59|BT01|BHUSD|FA0.00|BV1.00|CK000|CHRental|AFItem checkout ok.|AGItem checkout ok.|AY8AZC9E8


From Polaris/ILS:  there isn’t a way to modify the BT field sent from Polaris (it sends charge as 01 other/unknown probably because the setting in Polaris is Item Charge which doesn’t map to any of the SIP Fee types) it would be an enhancement request to have the ability to select the Fee Type sent in SIP.