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18/12/2019 10:01 am  

My name is Rachell Frazian and I am a youth services librarian and bookmobile manager for the Lompoc Public Library. I'm interested in developing a community of Black Gold librarians and library staff who are involved in outreach. As other libraries in the Black Gold system are expanding their outreach services, I was thinking this is a good time to start some kind of information exchange.

A quick introduction on what I do/whom I serve: With the bookmobile, I work with elementary afterschool programs, Head Start preschools, public events, low-income housing and homeless shelters that serve families. Without the bookmobile, I do an early literacy program for a perinatal residential program that serves women with children under 5 years old.

Some of my work with family literacy programs involve parents/caregivers who are low literate or functionally illiterate. Here in Lompoc, this is a common issue but I find many early literacy/family literacy programs assume a certain level of parent/caregiver education.

I'd love to brainstorm with others on how to make these programs more accessible to all literacy levels. I think these ideas could easily transfer to adult programs as well.