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[Sticky] YS Meeting 02.07.19 - Notes  


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07/02/2019 12:29 pm  


Thursday, February 7, 2019 – 11:00 am

Conference Call

Attending: Maureen Theobald (BG); Elizabeth Saucedo (GO); Xochitl Rocha (LM), Rachell Frazian (LM), Christine Bolivar (LM) and Kristina Uvalle (BG).

Purpose: To report and evaluate progress of the Student Services Initiative at each library.

Meeting started at 11:05 am.

MT opened the discussion with introductions and asked if everyone had received or had access to the Student Services Initiative kit which has some great information on getting started. MT then asked each jurisdiction present to report on where they were in the process and what if any help they may need.

XR reported that Lompoc has drafted policies based on SSI information and prior experience with similar programs. Lompoc is currently working on a strategy to get the card distributed to students. They have started talking with one principal and are working to ensure that homeschooled children are not left out of the process. Lompoc’s goal is make the Student Services Initiative less of a project and more of a culture change for patrons in their community.

ES reported that Goleta has started with its first school, a Jr. High School. They have created cards and have classroom visits scheduled in two weeks. Library applications were distributed and processed and are ready to distribute cards. Goleta has plans to approach the High School next. They have a created bilingual application based on a suggestion from an area teacher.

Both Goleta and Lompoc reported they will be using a library barcode as opposed to a student ID. MT stated that Kim Hunter will be able to provide assistance in importing school data into Polaris if needed.

MT stated she will email missing jurisdiction to get their progress reports and distribute the information to the committee.

Meeting ended at 11:25 am.

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07/02/2019 4:23 pm  

Hi everyone!

Sorry I was unable to make the call this morning, we had an issue with a patron that led to P.D. having to be called out and I was the lead! Just another fun day in your local public library.  

In regards to posting Paso's progress with the SSI, I do not have much to report. Shortly after we were accepted into the Initiative, PRJUSD Superintendent fell into some trouble regarding questionable practices. He has since resigned and many of the staff he hired within the District left with him. Just this week, it was announced that the Principle at our high school (another Superintendent hire) was also resigning. There has been a stop put on all hiring and teachers/staff are being shuffled around to fill holes. One of our staff who also works in the high school library was set over to an elementary school and our District librarian is now working as the high school librarian. It is a giant and chaotic mess right now and they do not have the time or staff to work with us on this project. So it has been put on the back burner until we have a more stable environment to work from. 

Until then, we are going to try to reach out to the elementary school that is across the street from the Library Study Center to see if we can partner with them to get cards to kids. This would not involve a data transfer, as the principal there says we need to go through the District, but would be more of a hands on library card drive. We plan to ask to attend the back to school night and the spring carnival with our iPads to sign kids up for library cards at those events. It's not ideal, but at least we will be getting kids cards. We hope that things will have settled down by next school year and that District will be more receptive to a partnership.

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08/02/2019 9:23 am  

Thanks for that information, Melissa. 

Dawn had a question about whether or not Polaris can use the Student ID instead of a barcode and the answer is yes.

For those that might be interested in importing school record data into Polaris, you can do so. Another option if you are going to have kids/parents fill out a regular library application, you could type that information into a spreadsheet and import from there. That could be easier than individually entering hundreds or thousands of new cards individually. We can send you the required Excel format if you'd like.